Prize Packages For Your Contest!!!
We want to make it easy and fun for your customers to participate in your contest!  Be sure to check back and see what other prize packages we've lined up for you.

Special T-Shirt Prize Pricing...just $2.85 each*

With your custom message!!!!

*$35 screen set up. Shirts are white Gildan 50/50 with your one-color imprint.

Shipping and any applicable sales tax is additional.  Minimum Order: 100 Shirts

Imagine you own a chain of pet stores...

One way to generate excitement and fun with your contest is to have a lot of winners!  Now, if you did own a chain of pet stores, don't you think some of your customers would love to win a shirt printed with this?  Of course, they would!  Especially when they see you're giving away 100...200 t-shirts with that imprint!  They know their odds of winning a shirt are very good!

Official Dog Walking T-shirt

Look at some of the other benefits...

Your customers sign up.  They have to come back to the store to see your list of winners, or at least visit your website. 

All the winners will be wearing your shirt around the neighborhood.  Their neighbors will be asking,

"Hey, where did you get that shirt!?"

Of course, it won't cost anything extra to print your stores web address

on the front of the shirt, so that's kind of cool!

If you really decide to use guerilla marketing, you could contact some of your vendors, and let them know you're running this contest and would they like to add their logo to the back of the shirt?  For a modest fee of course.  Get a few of those vendors lined up and your shirts...alright inexpensive...are paid for!

You say, you don't own a chain of pet stores?  Call us at at 1-800-266-8534 and we'll help you come up with a shirt design your customers will love!