Questions about our Contest Boxes?

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What's the best way to decorate your ContestBoxes?

In the 'old days' we used to print our graphics out using a color printer, cut to size, then mist the back with spray adhesive and apply to the box.  You can still do that, and it's a great low cost way to go, but in an office enviornment, you might opt to just print your graphics directly to adhesive paper, then cut to size, peel off the backing sheet, and apply.   Full sheets of adhesive paper are available at most office supply stores.

Spray adhesive is available at hardware stores and home improvement centers, such as Home Depot or Lowe's. You might want to do the actual spraying in an old cardboard box to contain the mist. You'll probably be pretty amazed at how good your ContestBoxes will look after you've got them all decorated.

You can get some ideas on the Photos and Promo page.  Click on the link to the left.

If I join your mailing list, what kind of information will I get? From time to time, we'll send out case histories of successful contest and promotional campaigns that might benefit you. You might also receive offers from ContestBoxes.com for other products. For example, we sell imprinted t-shirts and other promotional products that are often used in contests. We also come across very special offers on a variety of products typically used in contests, if you'd like to be aware of these, you should sign up. You will always be able to opt out at any time and your email address is never provided to any other company.

Business vs. Residential Address For Shipping BUSINESS ADDRESS VS. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: This distinction is made by UPS. Even though you may be ordering for a business, if you have your order shipped to an address that UPS considers "Residential" you will be billed Residential rates. UPS charges more for delivering to a residential address because they are not part of a regular daily route. If you indicate your address is Business, and UPS considers it Residential, you will be charged the Residential Rate. If you are not sure whether UPS considers your address business or residential, you should contact UPS. Also...NOTE: The UPS rates shown here are based on weight, which is fine for UPS Ground shipments. However, UPS 2nd Day and Next Day shipping rates are based on the weight AND physical dimensions of each package. Of course, we won't know the exact dimensions of your order until it is boxed and ready to ship, so we are showing you the best estimate we can for UPS 2nd Day and OverNight deliveries. If the actual cost of expedited shipping is going to be more than what is quoted here, we will call you first, for your approval before shipping. - Thank you.

How can I contact you? Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful West Michigan!  Just a short drive from one of the largest bodies of fresh water on the planet, Lake Michigan! 

The quick and easy way is to click on the "Contact Us" button to the left.  You can shoot us a message with your questions and comments, and we'll get back to you pronto!

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