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Why do Contests work so well for capturing emails?

Because people always give you their best email address!
They want to know if they win!

Chiropractors, Gyms, Newspapers, Radio Stations!!!

They all rely on our entry form boxes and Contest Boxes to "Get it done now!" 

Five Promotional Ideas You Can Start Using Today!

If you need an idea, just go to the "Contact Us" page and tell us your challenge.  We'll see what we can come up with.  Hey, it's free, why not try it!


1. Build a database.
“We own 7 bars, and a lot of our customers don’t have business cards. The lead box is a great idea! We didn’t even run a contest! We just put on the outside of the box, “Sign up for our mailing list!” We put all the names into a computer file and mail postcard promotions every other week. It’s super! We’re not wasting ad dollars on people we know will never stop in. Plus, if we ever decide to sell, we’ve got a list of customers to show prospective buyers!” 
2. It’s almost like getting FREE advertising!
“I own a gym. People are only going to drive so far to go to a health club, so I really wanted to promote the club in our immediate area. Contest boxes allowed me to do that. I came up with a contest for a free tanning package. I decorated 25 contest boxes promoting the contest and went around to area businesses. I had no problem placing the boxes. They were attractive and didn’t take up a lot of room. Of course, I also spiffed the owners with some free tanning passes. Which was another great idea! Three of the owners have already signed up for tanning packages! I’ve got a great mailing list, and the boxes advertise my gym.”
3. They’re easy to decorate!
Just print your own design or graphics from your computer.  Size them to the panels, then print them directly to full size adhesive labels.  Print - Peel - Stick It On!
4. We can scale up or down.
“The trouble with a lot of advertising is you really have to buy a lot of it before you know if it’s working...or not working! I don’t have that kind of money to waste. With lead boxes, I get a good prospect list. Then I can test my ideas on maybe a 100 or 200 names. If the results are good, I scale up to 500 or a 1,000 names.”
5. Great for feedback!
“It’s kind of a play on the old suggestion box. We wanted to get some customer feedback fast on some different ideas we were using in our stores. We had some surveys printed up at our local printer, and placed the forms beside the boxes in the various departments throughout the stores. We got a good response, and the feedback showed us where we needed to make changes.”
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