September 26, 2011 @ 2:42 PM

Blank Entry Forms Shrink Wrapped for Contests Ballots

If you've already ordered our stock Entry Blanks, you know our forms have been shrink wrapped in bundles of five pads per bundle.  If you haven't ordered yet, you'll be glad we do this.  It keeps your forms 'fresh'!  That is, if you order, say...enough forms for the quarter or year, your forms will look as good as new, even if you don't open the bundle for months down the road.  It's like giving the forms you order from an unlimited expiration date on quality!

Oh, and one other thing.  Shrinkwrapping also protects the pads while they're in transit.  They stay nice and tight together in the shipping carton so the chipboard backing won't come off the pad.  Who wants to open a shipping carton and see a bunch of loose forms!?  What do we charge for this extra service?  Nothing.  We've always shrinkwrapped our pads.  It's just part of how we do business.  (And we really appreciate yours!  ;-)