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The Great American T-Shirt Giveaway!

Americans love t-shirts.  Do you ever wonder why people continue to buy t-shirts year after year when they already own some?  T-shirts are like little billboards...and it seems everybody has something to say.  Tap in to that with the right message or design and your customer will gladly sign up to win one of your shirts.  For more details...check out the Prize Packages page.

Save A Bag and Win!

One of my relatives was telling me about this contest at Trader Joe's.  Maybe it will work for your business.  Basically, when customers bring in their own grocery bag, or even one of those nifty Trader Joe shopping bags, they get to register to win a nice prize package as they check out.  Easy enough, and it helps reinforce the idea that Trader Joe's is promoting recycling and reuse. 


Twelve Days of Christmas!

Wow!  Talk about a ready-made idea for the holidays!  Pick a 12 day period, and give away prizes each day.  Be sure to spread your contest boxes around the store.  After all, you want to make it easy for people to enter.  Mention on each contest box..."There are SIX ContestBoxes in our store.  You can Register To Win at all of them!"  It's also a good idea to let people know they need not be present to win, or winners will be notified by email.  Of course, you can always call the winners!  Consider contacting one of your local radio stations to see if they would like to tie-in with your promotion.  If you're in a mall or strip plaza, this could be a good way of meeting neighboring businesses and let them join in with you.  Be sure to order enough Contest Boxes for each store.


Winter Snow Is Coming!  Skis, snowboards, and vacations! Oh my!

Get with your vendors and see what kind of cool prize packages you can put together.  Imagine a table set up in your store with a wide variety of products.  Your sign says, "YOU COULD WIN ALL THIS!"  Get your customers to sign up, and keep those email addresses for future promotions.


Don't Be A Turkey!

Let your customers sign up for

The Great Turkey Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You can really have some fun with this if you're a grocery store!  Imagine a first prize of a full blown turkey dinner for 12!  Yes, the turkey and all the fixins!  Then how about a second prize of dozen big birds, and finally a third prize of...well?  What do you think?  Don't forget, in a lot of households, football plays a big part of the day.  Do you have any products that would tie in with football?  Maybe that could be your third prize.  In addition to the top three prize categories, you might want to offer all contestants a discount to the store on future purchases.  That discount coupon could be emailed.  Basically, you're telling your customers everybody's a winner!

To get an idea of how good a contest box can look, check out the photos at the bottom of the page.


Pimp My Dorm!

"Pimp My Dorm" - Not your run of the mill Back To School  contest!  Get together with a bunch of your advertisers and see what they can kick in to really spiff up a dorm at your local college.  Money always works for me, but it could be small appliances, bedding, electronics, etc.  You get the idea.  I'm sure you'll make sure they buy a nice schedule too!  Don't forget to leave a spiffed up ContestBox in their store!  You can see a photo from one of our clients below...


Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11th This Year!  Everybody has a mom!  A great promotion theme.  Do you have a product or service that a loving mom would enjoy?  Get your contest boxes and let's get them out there.  Don't forget your blank Entry Forms, and most of all, don't forget to put your sign-ups in to a mail program so you can stay in touch with your customers!


Spring Break is just around the corner!  Depending on the schedule of the colleges in your area, Spring Break kicks off February 18th, and then runs for the following four weeks.  There is a lot of money spent getting ready to go to Spring Break.  Have a little fun with your contests.  If you've got the space, create a shallow sandbox (get it..."beach"?) and put your ContestBox there.  Throw in a few flip flops, some SPF, and you're good to go!  Speaking of beach, you could give away some sweet totebags imprinted with your logo.  Yeah, not just one winner, we're giving away 150 Tote Bags...1,500 Tote Bags...One Billion Totebags!

Need help getting those totebags?  Call us at the 800 number above, and we can let you know what they'll run.  We screen print everyday, and some days it just happens to be totebags!


To get the best results of your contest, we suggest you 'pyramid' your prizes.  In other words, one grand prize, then a second place prize, and then maybe 100 runner up prizes.  Everybody likes to win and by pyramiding your prize structure you increase the number of winners...and participants!  A jeweler might offer a $500 gift certificate as a Grand Prize, then a $250 second place prize, with the 100 runner ups getting a free jewelry cleaning, or a jewelers cleaning cloth.  Be sure you have your logo on the cleaning cloth!